2018 Home Theater Trends

Now that we are several months into the year, it is clear to see which home theater trends are leading the charge. Several of the top trends, like sound bars and voice control automation, have been on the rise for the last few years. However, some of the trends such as social media and hybrid theaters, are just emerging. Let’s start with the old and end with the new, shall we?

2018 Home Theater Trends

Old Home Theater Powerhouses

Sound Bars

The evolution of sound bars over the last 5 years has been so fun to watch; there is no question as to why they have made the top trends list for several years now. Sound bars offer a sleek, compact design that can fit and fade into any space while packing an audio punch that does not disappoint.

New soundbars like the HT-ZF9 from Sony prove that sound bar technology is not done improving and will likely be a top trend for several more years.

Voice Control and Automation

It probably comes as no surprise to you that a top trend would include smart technology (a.k.a. automation). Just like where there is smoke there is fire, where there is automation there is bound to be voice control.

With systems like Control4, your entire home theater can be controlled from one system. Opening a streaming service, turning up the volume, pausing a movie or dimming the lights can all happen from a designated control panel. Or, if reaching your smart remote is just too difficult, you can use voice commands. Try and find a leading home automation tool that doesn’t have voice control – we promise it would be a challenge!

New Forces of Nature in Home Theater

Hybrid Home Theaters

Hybrid theater is a new term in the industry of home theaters (hence why it is in the new category). It encompasses a few different trends that all exist for the same reason. That reason essentially being that everyone wants a home theater! If you haven’t heard, we are in a golden age of television, with some of the most phenomenal and groundbreaking entertainment available via networks or streaming services. Television is so good that some folks spend an entire 70 degree day binge-watching the latest season release of their favorite show.

Simply put, people are watching television and they are watching A LOT of it. It only makes sense that everyone is looking to invest a little more money into their entertainment system to get the best picture, sound, lighting and overall comfort during their experience.

However, most people do not have the square footage to accommodate the kind of home theaters you see on MTV Cribs. So rather than cry about it, television enthusiasts have found ways to bring the luxuries of a traditional home theater into their living spaces.

Hybrid home theaters also appeal to every income level. Most folks have television but most folks don’t have $10-30K to designate towards a personal home theater. Luckily, there are low and mid-range options available all across the board so everyone can have a piece of home theater heaven.

Social Networking

We’ve touched on the trend of second screening in the past. The practice of using two devices at once (e.g. watching television while also scrolling your smartphone). The trend of social networking is a by-product of second-screening. In 2017, 72 percent of Twitter users said that social media played a role in their TV-viewing experience. Posting updates on fan pages or joining a group discussion via hashtags has become a normal part of television watching for many.

Like we said, we are in a golden age of television and people want to talk about it! There are a few honorable mentions that did not make our list, including virtual reality and multiple screens. Maybe if they keep it up, we will have them on the list next year!


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Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Home Theater

Most people dread the thought of day-to-day household cleaning chores. But there is just something about ushering in the warmer weather that has us excited to talk about cleaning! Mainly because it is finally time to dust off our outdoor home theater systems and start grilling up some great parties. Understanding how to clean the precious gadgets that make-up your home theater requires some additional knowledge and finesse. All of which you’ll find right here in this article as we walk you through the three areas of focus when it comes to spring cleaning your outdoor theater system.

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Best TVs Announced at CES 2018

If the television trends at CES 2018 were a long-time friend you hadn’t seen in a while, you’d instantly acknowledge how thin they are. You’d say, “Wow, you’ve really slimmed down. What are you doing?”. They’d respond by showing you their advanced yoga practice and effortlessly roll-up into a ball.

While enjoying great conversation over lunch, you’d be astounded at how crisp and clear their voice was. And just when you began feeling bad about yourself, you’d see with complete clarity every single wrinkle on their incredibly porous face.

Trust us, if you thought that introduction was over dramatic, you’re right. Continue reading

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Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant vs Amazon AlexaEveryone in the tech industry predicted that smart home technology would yet again dominate the headlines as 2018 CES show stealer. What we didn’t expect, or at least appreciate, was Google’s plan to show up and wave its latest integrations in everyone’s face.

Including one lady named Alexa. Continue reading

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CES 2018: Top 3 Trends

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. And while we are sad to see it go, we are ecstatic over what it had to offer. The expansion of smart home technologies, virtual reality, and televisions were expected at this year’s CES and nonetheless exciting to see, and health tech, beauty tech and even robots brought unexpected excitement to the tech world.

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CES 2018: What to Expect

What to expect at CES 2018Our favorite time of the year has come; it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest tech show of the year. The show runs in Las Vegas from January 9th– January 12th and we can’t wait to see what new innovations will be unveiled. Like any good technology lover, we can’t simply wait to see what happens, we must speculate! Here is our list of top innovations and unveilings that we expect to see at CES 2018. Continue reading

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Control4 Smart Locks for your Smart Home Security

In our last post we talked about securing your garage door with Control4. This may have left you wondering about all the other entry doors on your house and if they can get any “smarter”. With Control4, they certainly can. In fact, currently Control4 can work with 3 different brands of smart locks to keep your home secured. Continue reading

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Control4 Smart Garage Tech

Control4 Smart GarageHave you noticed that calling something “smart” has taken on a whole new meaning? Historically we’ve reserved that word to reference individuals with high levels of intelligence or perhaps a sweater vest with a certain sophistication. Today however, we call a lot of things smart. Like phones, TVs, lights, thermostats, sounds systems and garage doors.

Yep, you read that right, even garage doors have gotten smarter. Continue reading

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Top Gifts for Music Lovers

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