Why Black Friday Isn’t a “Good Deal”

It’s November and two things come to mind: Turkey and Black Friday shopping. A lot of folks head out Thanksgiving night and/or early Friday morning to scoop up some great deals and cross a bunch of things off their holiday shopping lists. And while we love a great deal as much as the next person, we know how important it is for electronics and smart home devices to be shopped for with a well-thought strategy.

Why Black Friday Isn't a "Good Deal"

Why Black Friday Isn’t a “Good Deal” for Electronics

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Intercom Anywhere Smart Doorbell

We are proud providers of Control4 Home Automation systems. Not just because of their top-tier technology, but because their top-tier technology offers solutions that make sense. Just like you, we believe that technology is a wonderful tool, but only when it’s working for us in a way that is convenient and smart. That’s why we we’re delighted to see the innovative team at Control4 up the ante of what a smart doorbell should be by unveiling the Intercom Anywhere system.

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Best Flat Screen TVs for Football Season

It’s September, and if you are a sports fan, that means one thing: FOOTBALL. And if you are a true football fan that means a second thing: FLATSCREEN TVS. If you are standing by your sports fanatic reputation and are in the market for a new flat screen TV in order to have the best possible football watching experience, we have some top-notch recommendations for you.

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Do you know Sonos?

High-resolution, wireless and seamless music streaming is the dream of most any homeowner. In today’s broadband driven world of wireless revolutions, many large and small brands have sound systems and single system units that promise that very dream. But if you have any experience with building a sound system or even just investment into a single unit such as a soundbar or standard Bluetooth speaker, you know that not all speakers are created equally.

Sonos One Speaker

Why Sonos Speakers?

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3 Steps to Protect the Security of your Network & Devices

Over 50% of homes in the United States are expected to fall under the umbrella of being a “smart home” by the year 2021. The smart home industry is moving at a rapid fire pace, and in turn, so are hackers. So, while homeowners are making their own lives easier with more connected devices, they are also making the lives of insidious hackers easier as well.

Thieves are no longer looking to break into your home via a smashed window. And they are no longer watching houses from unmarked vans to determine the best time for a break-in. No. Now they use inconspicuous phishing scams to steal usernames and passwords from unprepared homeowners. And the worst part is that this new kind of break-in can go undetected until severe damage has been done. Residents are no longer at risk for just losing valuable material goods; they are also at risk of losing everything. Even their identity. Continue reading

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Hybrid Home Theaters: The Ultimate Rec Room

Last month, we went through the top trends we’re seeing in 2018 for home theaters. One of the most interesting and fun trends we are watching is that of hybrid home theaters. Hybrid home theaters earned their name from folks trying to get the most bag for their buck from their home’s square footage by giving their entertainment spaces multiple purposes. Think: ping-pong table meets Xbox, meets watching the big game, meets snacks and beer.

Essentially, hybrid home theaters are just that – a hybrid of entertainment options. The combined use of space is brilliant and long overdue. However, the combined use of space means a lower overall budget that can be solely dedicated to theater purposes. I mean, how do you choose between a 4K Ultra HD TV and a vintage Iron Maiden pinball machine? It’s a tough choice that we must make when designing the ultimate hybrid home theater rec room. So let’s take a look at how to design your home’s hybrid theater space. Continue reading

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2018 Home Theater Trends

Now that we are several months into the year, it is clear to see which home theater trends are leading the charge. Several of the top trends, like sound bars and voice control automation, have been on the rise for the last few years. However, some of the trends such as social media and hybrid theaters, are just emerging. Let’s start with the old and end with the new, shall we?

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Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Home Theater

Most people dread the thought of day-to-day household cleaning chores. But there is just something about ushering in the warmer weather that has us excited to talk about cleaning! Mainly because it is finally time to dust off our outdoor home theater systems and start grilling up some great parties. Understanding how to clean the precious gadgets that make-up your home theater requires some additional knowledge and finesse. All of which you’ll find right here in this article as we walk you through the three areas of focus when it comes to spring cleaning your outdoor theater system.

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Best TVs Announced at CES 2018

If the television trends at CES 2018 were a long-time friend you hadn’t seen in a while, you’d instantly acknowledge how thin they are. You’d say, “Wow, you’ve really slimmed down. What are you doing?”. They’d respond by showing you their advanced yoga practice and effortlessly roll-up into a ball.

While enjoying great conversation over lunch, you’d be astounded at how crisp and clear their voice was. And just when you began feeling bad about yourself, you’d see with complete clarity every single wrinkle on their incredibly porous face.

Trust us, if you thought that introduction was over dramatic, you’re right. Continue reading

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Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant vs Amazon AlexaEveryone in the tech industry predicted that smart home technology would yet again dominate the headlines as 2018 CES show stealer. What we didn’t expect, or at least appreciate, was Google’s plan to show up and wave its latest integrations in everyone’s face.

Including one lady named Alexa. Continue reading

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